How to Leverage UX to Build a Remarkable Brand

How to Leverage UX to Build a Remarkable Brand

Web users do not stay longer than 10-20 seconds in a website. They are not very patient when it comes to looking for what they want online. In his book “Don’t Make Me Think,” Steve Krug mentioned these three facts about how people actually use web pages:

  • We don’t read pages. We scan them.
  • We don’t make optimal choices. We satisfice.
  • We don’t figure out how things work. We muddle through.

Put simply, digital media users want speed and usability. Your design should then let users achieve their goal the easiest and fastest way possible. If your product lacks these two things, it won’t take long until it is forgotten. This is where a good UX strategy makes brands stand out from the competition.

So how do you achieve usability in UX design? Here are a few tips:

Make it simple

“Don’t make me think!” is Krug’s first law of usability. The users should be able to know which button does this and which button does that. Let us take for example the navigation menu of these two fictional spa websites in Dubai. Which do you think obviously points to the directions on how to get to the spa location?

Make it memorable

Design elements such as font, color scheme, and texture should be uniform all throughout your website. Consistency breeds recognition and dependability rather than confusion. Customers stick to brands that make them feel comfortable. Make sure that your visitors can easily master your navigation menu even after a long period of not visiting the site.

Make it relevant

Establishing brand loyalty requires that you give your users what they want. This is only possible if you regularly test and analyze user behavior. Fortunately, there are platforms designed specifically for this purpose. On top of the list are Sitecore and Hybris.

The user experience that your brand provides its users directly influences your business’ vitality. Although there are equally important aspects of the business that you should not forget, you need to spend time and effort in creating good user experience. Failing at it will adversely affect your brand’s image.


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