Food For Thought - Reason for Bad Leadership

Food For Thought – Reason for Bad Leadership

The reason there are bad leaders in my opinion boils down to all the connotations relating to personal greed/selfishness, empire building, competency issues, inabilities to think strategically, holistically and comprehensively, resistance to change, where the focus is purely on managing the “status quo”…and the list goes on.

Bad leaders may exhibit one or all or a combination of the above attributes of bad leadership.

The impact of bad leadership can be measured based on the weight of these attributes and how they ultimately and collectively effect the business as a whole.

Think of this as a sailing boat, place too many “bad attributes” of significant weights and the boat or business will eventually sink.

Good leadership is about creating a win win situation for both the business and its key assets, it’s people.

© 2014, Majed Bushnaq

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