Fashion Retail in Dubai

Fashion Retail in Dubai

Dubai retail fashion industry has been experiencing a strong and steady growth. It is currently the second most influential global shopping destination. It held the position for four consecutive years.

Rising fashion consciousness in the region as well as the steady influx of international brands setting up shop in Dubai are just two of the reasons for this progress.

Dubai continues to attract major fashion brands as it is home to the world’s largest shopping mall. The growth of the industry will not stop any time soon, according to the Middle East Council of Shopping Centers. The city government aims to outshine London in the fashion retail industry. They plan to encourage tourism and local spending in order to encourage the growth of the retail business.

The strategy proves to be effective as more and more retail spaces have been cropping up. Existing businesses rose to the occasion as they expand and improve their storefronts. Some of these businesses creatively combined different concepts. One particular boutique features both an art gallery and a fashion retail store that carriers local and international designer brands.

As the number of social network users in the Middle East rise to more than 90%, business owners now have one more platform to market their products. Through this channel, brands are able to connect with customers, build their reputation, and encourage brand loyalty.

This development in technology does not only benefit businesses as this also help buyers build relationships with other buyers. Social media and business websites are now places to share tips and ideas with peers. The customers are now the most effective brand ambassadors of retail businesses.

There are also budding businesses in Dubai that start small from the homes of entrepreneurs. This may seem innocent but there are legal implications associated with these entrepreneurial activities. A business should not only focus on making profit but also to make sure that all government laws are followed. For this reason it is best for small entrepreneurs to seek the advice of skilled and experienced consultants. This is the surest way to start a fashion retail business in Dubai without experiencing adverse legal ramifications.

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